Differential stuff

Well, I finally did it.

I finally pried myself away from the overwhelming constancy that was Allen Hatcher’s book and began devoting some time to differential stuff. Don’t believe me? I even made pages full of differential stuff! See for yourself!

Anyway, I’m currently sifting through the terse mathematical jungle that is Kobayashi and Nomizu. I have other resources at my disposal (perhaps more than I can admit without feeling guilty of hoarding mathematics), but I wanted to give this a try since this original two volume set was a gift to me by Dr. So-Hsiang Chou, an applied mathematician who coincidentally is probably one of my all-time favorite academics I’ve met thus far.

Dr. Chou was full of valuable insight about his main research areas, the main research areas of pretty much anyone else, and just about anything you could possibly want to know about life. Sincerely, I love that guy. He had lots to say about my passion for differential stuff. He told me it was too hard and that I should find something easier to do my thesis on; he told me it was going to make me go insane; he also said, very objectively, that it’s extremely notation-heavy and that any resource less than an intro to an intro would be a hellish endeavor on just about any brain.

He was certainly right about the latter.

Anyway, at this pace, I’ll make it through Volume 1 of K & N by the time I’m 3,000 years old, so I plan on supplementing my perusing via perusing of other sources too; as that materializes, I’ll probably use the above-linked page to help there, as well.

That’s enough of a break for me. I’ve read through about 9 pages of K & N today – teX’d the high points of about five of them so far – and I definitely need to do more before calling it a night.

Gotta love that academia hustle.



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