The Alpha: Day 1 with Wolfram

So today, I officially began the first day of my summer-long journey through research internship with Wolfram. I’m probably going to remain sparse on the details of what I’m actually doing there – though interested parties can find some information here – but suffice it to say that it’s going to be awesome.

It’s going to be awesome, once all the technical hindrances get worked out. And yes, as of now, there are many technical hindrances. But that’s neither here nor there.

In my journey towards the apex of mathematical paradise, I’m forever acquiring (and seeking to acquire) access to resources I wouldn’t have been able to access otherwise. As of now, I’ve been an employee for about seven hours (maybe six) and already, I’ve found a really really cool resource because of my tenure there:

Behold, the Digital Mathematics Library.

So far, this place is a treasure trove of information – some new-ish, some archaic – and I can honestly say I’m beyond stoked.

Beyond stoked.

Perhaps we’re not as far from recognizing Terence Tao’s (and also Ingrid Daubechies’) vision of universal mathematical access.

Great minds, coming together to support the present and future of great minds.

Somebody pinch me.


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