Travel Update 1

Currently sitting in a hotel room in Virginia.

I’ve spent the last few days enjoying some travel time with the family – so far, we’ve driven through Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina – and things are great. Today, we took Aleks to the EdVenture children’s museum in Columbia, SC, and that place was killer! I’ve got a bajillion or so pictures, so I’ll probably come back and upload some of them soon.

Mathematically, things have been pretty stale (because, you know, ROAD TRIPPING). I have been pondering the possibility of adopting a Gödel-like approach to symbolic first-order logic using graph theory instead of numbers, etc. This is something proposed by a friend of mine and it’s opening me up to hopefully learn some stuff I ought to know already but don’t. We’ll see.

That’s all for now. I’m going to try to dredge up some old ideas for expository math things into some new entries not about my family and me. Maybe that’ll work out.

Talk soon, everyone.


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