Travel Update Finale, or The Times They Are A-Changin’

Whelp, our road trip has progressed…and then continued to progress…and is now over.

We’re in Pennsylvania now. We went north from Tallahassee and traveled through Georgia (mostly rural backwoods roads), South Carolina (we stopped in Columbia), North Carolina, Virginia (we stopped in Salem/Roanoke), West Virginia, and Maryland. We’ve seen a lot, driven a lot, and had a lot of fun. And now, the road trip is over.

I’d kept all of the road tripping silent because there are some chatty kathys in my department and because I don’t like to be the center of workplace gossip. I’d also kept the purpose of the road trip under lock and key. That’s pretty unnecessary now, I guess…

I’m spending the 2015-16 academic year doing math at Princeton!


So, for those of you keeping score: “…in Pennsylvania now…” means that we now live in Pennsylvania, that we’ve now settled into our new apartment, and that we’ve now begun a new chapter of our lives here. And before you ask: Yes, I do know that Princeton isn’t in Pennsylvania at all (of course I know that! I’m at Princeton! I know everything! 😀 😉 😆 ), but it’s considerably cheaper to live in South PA (Morrisville, to be precise) and to drive to NJ than it is to live in NJ. Like, a lot cheaper. 😡

Ignoring the fact that I’m a student at a State University and hence that every year is a good year for me to be here, I must say: This is a great year to be here! My advisor is here on sabbatical, and IAS is having a thematic year on 3-manifolds with Ian Agol! For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Agol speak, I can say truly – you’re missing out!

So I guess one may say that the necromancy that is the “rebirth” (whatever that means) of this blog is/was a bit dubious: Indeed, my goal is to use this as a vessel for communicating (what I hope will be) the immensely inspired mathematics that I experience while here! I’m hoping to sit in on some classes, spend a lot of time at IAS with Drs. Agol and Fenley and Gabai and…, and to take my studying to the next level…and to then document all that here!

And there we have it! The “times” (environment, geography, caliber of professional, inspiration,…) are a-changin’ and I’m excited to share that journey!


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