I’m a Ph.D. student in mathematics.

Mathematics is my life.

Throughout my entire professional career, I’ve always want to be one of those people who took the time to work through exercises outside the confines of semester scheduling and/or to document the road towards mathematical maturity. This isn’t to say that I never worked through exercises or that I never documented my journey towards said maturity, but rather that I’ve never taken the time to do so formally and in a well-organized and (gasp!) public manner.

This blog is my attempt to seize that opportunity.

Here, you’ll find lots of things. You’ll find ramblings detailing life for a graduate student. You’ll find solutions that are posted (by and large) as a way for me to force myself to do work when timing isn’t necessarily conducive to doing so (like, over the summer, for instance). At some point, maybe the world will uncover these shenanigans, at which point you may even find various commentaries and insights and communications and resources.

At some point, you may find a lot. At the time of this writing, you’re only likely to find a little.

Note that I often find myself (inadvertently) forgetting about online things like this, so updates may be sporadic. Also note that I often find myself forgetting to sign into things like this altogether, which means that communications here may go (inadvertently) unanswered along the way. For those of you who need to get my attention, check out my professional portal at: http://personal.bgsu.edu/~stoverc/. There, you’ll find my email address, etc.

And with that, I bid thee adieu with the assurance that I’m doing everything in my power to reach mathematical perfection. Maybe one day, I’ll reach a level that would have made Riemann proud, and I wish you all the same.

3 thoughts on “About

    • Why don’t you write anymore?

      Life, mainly.

      These days, I often find it difficult to balance just my typical responsibilities (without borrowing time from one to accommodate others, I mean). As much as I love writing – and I do genuinely plan to come back here some time – it’s not something I can do currently.

      Thanks for your readership!

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